4 Popular Cocktails to Try This Summer

4 Popular Cocktails to Try This Summer

It is the perfect season to bring out your cocktail glasses and make some of the most popular summer cocktails to beat the heat. Summer cocktails are full of refreshing zesty flavors and have distinct mouth-watering seasonal ingredients, right from bright citrus to fresh mint. And to top it all, they are low on sugar. Cocktails allow you to mix and match your favorite spirit with your favorite seasonal fruits. Here are some of the best summer cocktails you should definitely try this season.

The Cuban cocktail is as refreshing as the Caribbean breeze. Mojito is a bit sweet and citrusy, with bright mint and an earthier bite of white rum that makes the base of the cocktail. Mojito dates back to the 1600s, and it is widely famous today for downing in the hotter months. All you need to do is squeeze some fresh lime juice in your choice of glass and add some mint and less than one tablespoon of superfine sugar. Muddle them together and add crushed ice before pouring in the white rum. Add a wedge of lime if you’d like.

Long Island iced tea
One of the best summer cocktails that you can drink, the Long Island iced tea is the most common cocktail. Locales of two regions claim long Island iced tea’s birthplace. New Yorkers believe that the cocktail came from Long Island, New York, when a man named Robert Butt invented this drink for a competition in the ‘70s. Meanwhile, down in Tennessee, people believe that an illegal distiller created the cocktail at a local island called Long Island, which was situated in the middle of a river. Either way, the Long Island iced tea is a dizzy concoction of vodka, gin, white rum, silver tequila, lemon juice, and coke.

This is yet another one of the most common cocktails that you will see during the summers. The cocktail is known for its simplicity. With only Cointreau, tequila, fresh lime juice, and salt to the rim of the cocktail glass, this drink is bliss. The margarita was invented in Mexico and means “daisy” in Spanish. After the ban on the consumption of liquor within the country’s borders, citizens went south of the border to Mexico, where this cocktail was already famous. The cocktail was brought back to the country once the alcohol ban was lifted.

A fruit punch for adults, Sangria is one of the most popular summer cocktails made from brandy, red wine, and fruits. Hailing from Spain, it was initially made out of grapes that were grown on ancient vineyards. The name of the cocktail is probably derived from sangre, which is Spanish for blood. It was named so likely due to its blood-red color. Every country makes their own versions of sangria by adding fruits and vines of their choice to create a unique cocktail.

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