Must-have Apps to Improve a Bad Credit Score

Must-have Apps to Improve a Bad Credit Score

To maintain a high credit score, you require focus, hard work, and determination. You need to make timely payments on your bills, decrease debt, and maintain a low debt-to-credit ratio.

Several credit management apps have come and gone by, but not all of them can help you achieve your goals. Here are six must-have apps to help you improve a bad credit score.

Credit Karma
This app comprises some beneficial tools to manage your credit and is free of cost. Using Credit Karma, you can access your credit report and score and receive identity monitoring and credit alerts. Additionally, you receive information on the factors that impact your score, tips to improve the same, and details on products that are beneficial in saving money.

Credit Sesame
This free app provides a monthly credit score report and monitoring. The app also provides a summary of the total monthly debt payments and the outstanding balances on your various loans. The Credit Sesame app also has a beneficial tool for homeowners that allow one to calculate the value of the home and receive real-time advice on home loans for huge savings. This is certainly one of the best apps to help you improve a bad credit score.

If you have an active myFICO account, you can download this app for free. It allows you to access your FICO® credit score and report, which is the most-used report by lenders. Additionally, the app provides a score simulator that shows the effect of specific actions on your overall credit score.

This mobile credit monitoring app is beneficial to track your FICO and Experian credit reports. It is updated every 30 days. Additionally, it comes with Experian Boost that is beneficial in improving your credit score. You receive alerts in case your credit score or report changes, and it also recommends credit cards depending on your FICO® score. Although the app is free for download, you may need a paid Experian account to access some features.

ScoreSense®  Scores to Go
This app gives your credit report from all the three agencies. Additionally, you receive daily monitoring and alerts for all changes that occur to your credit score. Moreover, the app provides you with the contact details of the credit rating bureaus that are useful to efficiently and quickly resolve any errors on your report. The score tracking feature allows you to review the changes to your score over time and a peer-to-peer comparison. If you have a paid ScoreSense® account, you may download this app for free.

The app allows you to refresh your credit score and report every day to help you determine your position. You receive instant alerts on any changes that happen to your score. With the credit lock plus feature, you may lock your credit report, avoiding threats like fraud or identity theft. The debt analysis tool allows you to calculate the debt-to-credit ratio and view public records in your name. The app is free if you have a paid TransUnion monitoring account.

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