Avoid These Five Common Lipstick Mistakes

Avoid These Five Common Lipstick Mistakes

For most women, lipstick is their go-to makeup product. With so many types and different shades, it is definitely the best companion for any occasion. However, there are plenty of mistakes you can make while you apply lipsticks. If you also apply lipstick regularly, then we would recommend you to avoid these common lipstick mistakes:

Lining out of the natural lip line
Who does not like fuller and plump lips? But one of the most common errors people make is outlining the lip liner way outside the natural lip line. While a little lining outside can work because it can help give a better shape, it definitely helps if you try to keep the outlining as natural as possible. It makes the filling inside look a lot more natural.

Skipping exfoliation and going overboard with lip gloss
We have combined two issues so that you can avoid these common lipstick mistakes as you apply your lipstick. Firstly, exfoliating with a lip scrub is very important. After that, you can apply the required lip balm and then go on to put your lipstick. A lot of people also put multiple layers of lip gloss in order to re-touch, but it is never a good idea. It can make the lips look blotchy and the result can be quite the opposite of what you imagined.

Going for matte lipsticks when you have dry lips
Over time, matte lipsticks can really make your lips dry. Hence, when you already have a tendency for dry lips, we do not recommend you to go for matte lipsticks constantly. It is best to choose a lipstick with natural moisturizer so that you do not end up with chapped lips.

Picking the right shade
While this is more of an instruction, a lot of people end up going for in trend-shades when they actually need to see what suits them the most. While we are all up for trying different shades, try and keep your skin tone and the texture of the lipstick in mind. For instance, a good red lipstick works perfectly in a matte shade. On the other hand, it can look horrendous in a glossy texture if you don’t pick the right brand. If you are going for nude shades, do not go for extreme mattish looks as it can make your lips look dry and chapped.

Wipe your listick off before going to bed
Lastly, lot of people also tend to avoid cleansing their lips before sleeping. Give lipstick removal an important place in your make up removal regime.

Now that you know about these issues, we would suggest that you avoid these common lipstick mistakes and ensure the perfect look that you have always wanted. Additionally, pay a lot of special attention to the texture you pick as well, as it can play a major role in your entire look.

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