5 Hottest Shoe Trends in 2020

5 Hottest Shoe Trends in 2020

Although shoes were originally invented to protect the feet, they have evolved into a fashion of their own. From universal heels in the 1920s to mid-1900s Oxfords to tennis shoe obsessed ‘Sneaker Heads’, shoes make a statement and are all important to an outfit. Recently, a wide variety of shoes have been trending to set the style of any outfit. Here are the top trending shoes of 2020:

1. Espadrilles
Recognize this shoe? In a past life, this shoe was the go-to for pre-teens at pool parties. Recently though, the shoe has been lifted with a chic makeover. With this redesign, this shoe is soon to be featured at every party this summer. It gives the foot some support while carrying a subtle beachy vibe that is sure to make any outfit a little more summery.

This year, Louis Vuitton and Tibi have been producing this fun shoe. Their more refined designs give the shoe a new life as the shoe for chic moms, as opposed to the 2010 shoe for pre-teens.

2. Platform sneakers
Finally, the platform sneaker has been making its way onto the runway and into mainstream fashion. Certainly a statement, this shoe is popular with a younger generation. It pairs nicely with mom jeans. It also adds a nice juxtaposition with a dainty dress or a floral print. Loved by the younger generation, this trend is not likely to be making its way off the runway any time soon.

3. Mary Janes
Mary Janes have been around for a long time, and they won’t be going anywhere soon. This stylish shoe can be worn for a life-time– it pairs well with girlish dresses and cute summer outfits for younger women, but it also looks nice in an office setting. It’s as versatile as it is timeless, so it’s extremely versatile. Buyers should have fun experimenting with this beautiful shoe. Tabitha Simmons and Prada are producing some of these timeless shoes that will be seen everywhere this year.

4. Croc-effect leather loafers
If you’re looking for a more comfortable shoe to wear while still rocking that business casual outfit, look no further. The croc-effect leather loafer can replace a high heel, making any outfit more comfortable, while still looking professional. It can be paired with a suit for the office or with a look inspired by men’s casual wear for a cool girl outfit. Marina and Givenchy have been playing with this top style, putting our shoes in many colors, with many chic variations on this fun trend.

5. Chain detail pumps
This year, chain detail pumps are all the rage on runways. They can give a simply chic look, or a more hardcore look to any outfit, depending on the size and color of the chain. They can also bring harmony to an outfit; matching hardware can make any outfit look expensive, and look like it took hours to put together. Valentino and Saint Laurent have hopped on this trend, creating pumps with more delicate chains for that chic, put-together look. Fashion-lovers everywhere were quick to realize the promise in this shoe when it showed up in runway events from brands like Prada and Dolce & Gabbana, and so it’s sure to be everywhere in 2020.

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