What Dresses to Wear on Special Occasions

What Dresses to Wear on Special Occasions

Deciding what to wear for a special occasion is one of the most challenging decisions that we tackle on a regular basis. How you dress matters, and the effort you put behind your appearance tells one a lot about you. There are several styles that you can experiment with, but you also don’t want to go overboard and wear something inappropriate to, say, a black-tie event or a cocktail party. The following article covers four different types of popular dresses for special occasions to help you understand what to wear, when.

Prom dresses
Prom is one of the most important events for a young girl. Most people flaunt their beauty by picking out what suits them best, be it something demure or a bit more daring. Opt for two-piece dresses, illusion dresses, or even cut outs if you want to try a bolder style. Whatever you choose, remember that the dress should be age-appropriate. You can experiment with colors and different fabrics such as shimmer or silk as well as styles like frills or straight cuts. You can definitely go for bling too, consider most prom events are held in the evening. Check out gowns with sequins and those made using fabrics such as silk and satin. Accessorize as er your taste, and you’ll be ready to have one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life!

White Tie/Black Tie dresses
White tie events can be galas or debutante balls, among others. For such events, a floor-length gown is a must-wear, as you have to follow certain etiquette. You can accessorize it with elegant gloves as well as glamorous jewels, but do not overdo it. Typically, an up-do hairstyle goes best with these dresses. It is best to stick to earthy or pastel shades and combine them with soft fabrics for a flowy feel. Satin is a good choice for dresses. You can even consider strapless dresses. You can use the same dress code for black tie events, but they allow for a little more leeway in the style of dresses considered appropriate. The idea is to stick to a formal dress code.

Business dinner dresses
For business dinners where you have to close that important deal, you can go for sheath, knee-length dresses with three-quartered for full sleeves. The outfit can be completed with a jacket, cardigan, or stole. Keep your accessories minimal and opt for rose-gold bracelets, pearl earrings, or silver studs. Alternatively, if you choose to wear business casuals, pick a semi-formal outfit with one formal element like a well-tailored blazer. You can dress up a casual knee-length cotton dress by pairing it with a shrug and pumps. You can even throw on a jacket. Longer lengths are fine, too, but do not opt for shorter ones.

Cocktail dresses
Cocktail dresses are ideal for informal get-togethers as well as fun events. Even though it is not a completely formal event, it does not warrant a casual dress such as sundress. You can opt for a sheath dress or an a-line one. Go for a short dress which has frills, as this has been trending recently. We highly recommend the classic little black dress, which definitely makes for great couture. You can also opt for embellished midis or lace dresses. It is extremely easy to accessorize these outfits as there are no particular rules, except you must be confident in what you’ve worn. Pick something easy to move on, so you’re not hindered all night long.

Consider the aforementioned styles for popular dresses for special occasions to ensure that you are dressed right wherever you go. Pick a style that suits you the most, and wear it with confidence. Don’t forget to appropriately accessorize, depending on the special occasion, to complete the look!

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