5 Anti Aging Essential Oils

5 Anti Aging Essential Oils

You must have often come across anti-aging products that can help reduce wrinkles. While most people fall into the trap of buying artificial products, you can opt for natural remedies. The main reason behind this is that as we keep aging, our skin starts to lose elasticity. So, if you massage it regularly, you can increase the chances of your skin staying healthy and young. To that effect, we bring to you top options of anti aging essential oils.

Lemon is one of the most well-known oils with a repository of potential health benefits. It has a high content of vitamin C, which helps with your immunity too. Lemon oils are frequently used in many different commercial products of skin care. Hence, using lemon oil in its most natural form can reduce the signs of aging overall, especially wrinkles.

Clary sage
Clary sage is quite subtle and a herb that smells sweet. It belongs to the sage family and is quite beneficial for the skin. Studies have shown that this sage has antioxidant effects. So, overall it can help in creating anti-aging effects too.

Certain studies show that sandalwood oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from just having these properties, sandalwood may also help in restoring the skin moisture. These two effects will have an overall impact on the skin and also create anti-aging effects as necessary. The main reason behind this is that when the skin is quite hydrated, it appears plump and also reduces the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. Hence, we feel that this is definitely one of the best anti aging essential oils available at your disposal.

Ylang ylang
This anti-aging essential oil is often used in perfumes. However, a study showed that ylang-ylang has shown many different anti-oxidant effects, which can help in renewing the skin. Ylang ylang also contributes towards rebuilding the skin proteins and fats, which reduce the different free radicals formation. There are plenty of skincare companies that add ylang-ylang to their products to add the healing factor to their products.

Studies suggest that rose oil has antibacterial as well as antioxidant properties. As you reduce inflammation over time, the puffiness and the redness of the skin can surely reduce. Rose oil can be even more helpful for the purpose of skin cell renewal, to help the skin look younger for longer even as you age. Additionally, it is quite relaxing as well, so you can try using this oil on a regular basis.

Do try out this list of anti-aging essential oils that can really truly work wonders on your skin. Massage your skin with them regularly to increase the elasticity and collagen synthesis. This will keep your skin healthy and young, too.

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